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Censorship And The Numbing Of Reality

Life is full of profanity, whether people like it or not and there will never be an absolute control over what humanity as a whole will be exposed to. Blindfolding everyone to the “evils” and “sins” of our world will not make things better. In my honest opinion I’d say it makes things worse. I mean think about it, when a situation comes up that people are oblivious to, or have absolutely no experience with because they’ve been led blindly like sheep how are they expected to take it?

Now this could be anything from war, sex, social clashes, government or any other number of things that are hidden from us growing up or going on in our day to day lives. I know its kind of a single example, but lets use the Westboro church. They are a group of people, who we’re as I like to say “brainwashed” by their superiors and elders and in turn continued to brainwash the younger generations because that is the way that they we’re raised. Those are the views that they we’re brought up with and they we’re told what is right and wrong and hate everyone who thinks otherwise. They don’t care to know any other views because it was all censored to them.

I guess what i’m saying is censorship is wrong, and everyone has the right to know everything that goes on in our society. Children shouldn’t be blinded by their parents, causing them to adapt to reality late or in a socially awkward way. The people should know what is going on at all times with government issues, because we are the people who support the choices of our politicians that ultimately effect our society, rights, and freedoms.

Why are you reading this? You must be as bored as I am when I wrote it. 

Don’t even really know if it’ll makes sense, but it did to me.